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Through coaching, consulting and training, we empower your company to achieve effective agility.

What to expect

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How can we assist you?

Together, we'll help you take the right steps towards achieving agility.

Embracing agile practices brings a multitude of advantages, including enhanced flexibility, reduced risks, superior products, and elevated employee satisfaction. Discover with us how to refine your organizational structures by implementing agile methods.

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Agile Coaching

Are you already implementing agile practices and looking to enhance your effectiveness? We provide coaching for your teams and executives, cultivating long-lasting, high-performing teams that reliably deliver results.

Agile Transformation

We equip you to shape your organization with a market-centric perspective, allowing you to adeptly navigate the challenges presented by ever-changing market dynamics.

Agile Training

We offer engaging training sessions to develop agile roles for practical application. Catering to both beginners and advanced learners, we provide courses with or without certification, always focusing on long-lasting impact.

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Why Agile Coaching?

Fostering enthusiasm across all levels with Agile Coaching

Customers seek to be delighted by innovative products, promptness, transparency, and dependability. Our seasoned Agile Coaches collaborate with your teams and executives to maintain a clear focus on your objectives, even amidst complex environments, while employing the most suitable agile methods to drive lasting transformation.

  • We unite pragmatism and idealism
  • We enable enduring self-sufficiency without reliance on us
  • We foster customer-centricity by implementing impactful agility
Agile Transformation mit it-agile

Just beginning your journey?

Achieve stability through an agile transformation

The evolving landscape of digitalization and globalization poses challenges for numerous conventionally organized businesses. Agile methodologies offer a proven solution to address the uncertainty arising from these external factors. To successfully transform an organization into an agile one, a versatile approach that adapts to market requirements is essential.

  • A one-time transformation project ist not sustainable
  • Companies need to evolve into "learning organizations"
  • The transformation must be driven by market demands


Our Course Selection

Grasp and implement agility: Our comprehensive training courses, available with or without certification, establish the groundwork for agile practices.

We cover classic Scrum roles, promote evolutionary change via Kanban workshops, ensure effective leadership through executive training, and instruct developers in agile methods.

Inhouse Schulungen bei it-agile

Considering an in-house training course?

We provide our training courses and programs as in-house solutions for organizations, customizing the modules to address your unique requirements. This approach allows participants to seamlessly integrate the learning material into their everyday work. Get in touch with us now to explore options and terms.

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