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Introducing it-agile

Established in 2005, our team of over 40 full-time professionals has been accompanying clients in their distinct journeys into and throughout the agile work environment.

At it-agile, our team is composed of ever-evolving agile specialists. We consistently share insights, pursue ongoing professional development, and collectively offer a level of expertise that surpasses what individual consultants can deliver.

We learn as we teach. Drawing from our experiences and client feedback, we continuously refine our work to provide the most effective methods and resources for our customers.

With a flat hierarchy that encourages self-organization and autonomy, our colleagues can enthusiastically contribute to their areas of expertise. Consistently sharing insights on new methods, project experiences, literature, and diverse perspectives enables us to continually optimize our work.

Vision von it-agile

What drives us: Our vision

Where it-agile takes action, organizations flourish, demonstrably delighting end customers and employees alike.

Who is talking about us?

Quotes from our customers

"it-agile supported the establishment of a product team within a large project by coaching Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Product Leads, temporarily taking on the role of Scrum Master, and using agile tools. Visualizing user stories helped the entire team focus on high-priority topics. The individual team members supported each other in implementing the user stories, which prevented conflicts. The it-agile coaches identified dependencies with us that go beyond the boundaries of the team. After about six weeks of support, the team was able to reliably implement the agreed-upon user stories in almost every sprint. The demanding project schedule was adhered to, and the product was put into operation without any problems."

Michael Bach

Michael Bach

(Project Manager, DEVK)

"With the help of it-agile's accompanying coaching during our agile transformation, we are now able to process important topics within the SAP environment and deliver them on a monthly basis within a short period of time. Changes in prioritization are made in a structured manner, so that for example, the changeover to the value-added tax is now only a small challenge. With it-agile, we have also restructured our support processes so that customer feedback is used across departmental boundaries for a continuous improvement process."

Thomas Schwachenwalde

Thomas Schwachenwalde

(Division Manager IT, toom Baumarkt GmbH)

"With Fabienne's support, we developed into an effective Scrum team over a period of three months, with an average of two days per week. Special circumstances to be mentioned are the unplanned remote working and the massively increased demand in online commerce due to the Corona pandemic."

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Markus Hartwig

(PO Business Intelligence & Data Science, hagebau connect)

"Our collaboration with it-agile has always been characterized by trust and acceptance. I have always perceived the consultants as "partners" in the project and they have been able to tackle less agile situations, which are simply present in established corporate structures, together with us. The it-agile team continues to accompany us on our path to becoming more flexible and value-adding."

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Michael Grenz

(Product Owner Gasunie)

"Our work environment is becoming increasingly complex and unpredictable. Therefore, we wanted to explore self-organized teams that can navigate themselves within complex systems. For this purpose, we enlisted the help of it-agile for coaching and a series of impulse events to guide our team in agile methods and the agile mindset. The coaches were able to build the necessary trust within the team and provided good ideas in developing an agile team organization. The entire experience was engaging, informative, and enjoyable, and I highly recommend it-agile."

Yannic Stahl

Yannic Stahl

(Group Leader Central Access & Partner Management, Itergo)

"Five of our squads had not worked with Scrum before and needed to learn the framework and be prepared for integration with SAFe through training and accompanied coaching. The interactive online trainings were engaging and well-prepared, with flexibility to address participants' questions and interests. The two coaches assigned were highly engaged and collaborated on all levels, even communicating with teams outside of the squads and working with the transition team beyond their core responsibilities. We made an excellent choice in selecting it-agile, with great flexibility."

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Gerald Haase

(Head of Engineering, Crealogix)

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