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What helps at what point?

Invest in the right agile practices

Which agile practices should you invest in (e.g., test-driven development or business expertise)? The Agile Fluency Model offers four target zones from which you can select the one that fits your business area. With this clarity, you can achieve optimal impact with your agile teams because you are now investing in the exact practices needed for the target zone.

With the Agile Fluency Game, teams (developers:inside, product owners and scrum masters / agile coaches) can learn how the team learns the agile practices at the right time. Product Owners better understand what practices need to be there before many features can be implemented. And Scrum Masters / agile coaches can agree on which practices need to run robustly first. Leaders get the insights they need from the simulation to select the right improvements for the organization.

Agile Fluency Diagnostic gives the team solid insight into where they currently stand. Scrum masters / agile coaches can build targeted improvement on top of this because they know which agile practices (e.g. continuous delivery) still need improvement. Managers can learn for a group of teams how close they are to the selected agile target zone and which improvements are useful on the organizational level.


Agile Fluency Game Facilitator

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Agile Fluency Diagnostic Facilitator

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As a Manager

... I want to determine for my teams what level of agility they need for our business and where they currently stand. I would like to initiate concrete improvement measures. Then it-agile should perform the Agile Fluency Diagnostic for us.

... I would like to help my Product Owners and Scrum Masters (agile coaches) to build agility systematically and to develop a common understanding of what level of agility we are aiming for. Then it-agile should use the Agile Fluency Game with us.


As an agile Coach

... I want to help my teams build agile practices so that their powerful impact can be unlocked through the right interplay. Or I want to help my teams get off a plateau that they can't get off on their own. Then I should learn to use the Agile Fluency Game.

... I want to show teams where they stand with their agile skills and advise managers on which skills their team should develop. I want to develop and implement clear improvement plans. Then I should learn the Agile Fluency Diagnostic. 

When can you start?

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What can you expect?

Contents of the trainings

Agile Fluency Game

Our 2-day in-person Agile Fluency Game training equips you with everything you need to run game workshops in the future.

  • Facilitation of the Game Workshop
  • Agile practices for team collaboration and software development
  • Basics of the Agile Fluency Model
  • Benefits and costs of different agile practices
  • and much more


Agile Fluency Diagnostic

Our 3-month online training (approx. 3h per week) on Agile Fluency Diagnostic shows you all the necessary steps to enable you to diagnose agile teams in the future.

  • Environment preparation
  • Moderation of the Diagnostic Workshop
  • Evaluation of the collected data
  • Presentation of the results and a development plan
  • and much more
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