Agile Fluency Game Facilitator

Agile Fluency© Game Facilitator

Accelerated Coaching with the Agile Fluency™ Game

Agile Fluency Game Facilitator

You are an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Manager, Team Member? Welcome aboard!

What do you gain from this workshop?

As a Scrum Master, you ...
want to know what your team can achieve; things are ok, but the "wow" is missing and you want to know what it possibly could be. Play the game and be inspired!

As an Agile Coach, you ...
can use the Agile Fluency Game as a tool for your team(s): Why are you stuck on a plateau? Which steps could be possible? What should you take care of next? Find inspiration for your next boost!

As a manager, you ...
want to comprehend what working in an agile team is and feels like and based on that, become more clear in your decisions. Get involved in our simulation instead of standing on the sidelines!

As a team member, you ...
are drained by technical debt and want to develop and strive for more performance. Play the game and get more than a glimpse of an idea!

When can you start?

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Agile Fluency Game Facilitator (deutsch, ggf. englisch)
In diesem intensiven Workshop vermitteln wir die Grundlagen des Agile Fluency® Models. Sie perfektionieren die Einführung agiler Methoden mithilfe einer Simulation und Praktiken, die Sie mit Ihren Kollegen teilen können.
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Wolf-Gideon Bleek

it-agile GmbH
Agile Fluency Game Facilitator (deutsch, ggf. englisch)
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A few statements from former participants

"This workshop gives agile coaches an amazing set of tools to demonstrate both the value and the cost of various agile practices and to help teams craft their own adoption plan which fits their agile journey." – Kathy Iberle

"I recommend this workshop because it is a great way for a team to understand how a wide variety of agile practices work together in synergy." – Daniel Walsh

Agile Fluency Model Film

In this short film, Diana Larsen and James Shore explain their motivation for the Agile Fluency Model.

More videos

Frequently asked questions about this course

The Agile Fluency™ Model

The Agile Fluency™ Model introduces four zones. "Fluency" means that a team can do certain practices with skillful ease and routine even under stress.

The "Focussing" zone prioritizes business value. You are always working on the most valuable thing.

The "Delivering" focuses on delivering a working product whenever the business needs it. Can you team deliver working software that includes the latest features on demand?

The third zone is called "Optimising". Your team is able to do excellent product decisions and understands your business very well.

The fourth zone "Strengthening" is good only for a few organizations. Your team is able to cross-pollinate ideas within the organization.

Inhouse Training

We are happy to offer this workshop as an inhouse training. Please get in contact with us if you have at least 6 participants. Just write a short e-mail to get a quote.

Price and Discounts

The two-day workshop with a maximum number of 16 participants is 1.785 EUR (1.500 EUR net) per person.


If you register via our homepage (this site) more than 6 weeks in advance we offer a 10% discount.

If more than two people from the same company register via our homepage (this site) we offer a 10% discount.

Those discounts cannot be combined.

Certificate / License

This workshops provides the license "Agile Fluency Game Facilitator". This unlimited license entitles you to buy addtional Agile Fluency Games (one game box is included in the course fee).

Official Informations of the Agile Fluency Project.

Any questions left?

Ask our certified trainer

Dr. Wolf-Gideon Bleek works at it-agile as Management Coach for agile transitions. His agile experiences date back until 1999. Since then, he conducted agile transitions in large settings and has trained hundreds of people. He is author of many textbooks.

In his spare time he lives with his family and engages in home automation and bakes cakes.

Dr. Wolf-Gideon Bleek


Wolf-Gideon Bleek


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